Concept 3: Be happy, enjoy what you do and she will too

Concept 3: Be happy, enjoy what you do and she will too

Many guys approach this as a horrifying experience when in reality, it should really be a pleasurable one. If your objective is to find out what kind of person this girl is and then make her smile, then you’re likely to have many good and enjoyable interactions. If you try to “win” by picking her up, you’re doomed for failure. Most of the time, the best pick ups are when you aren’t even trying. Remember, we are not trying to make you into a robotic pickup artist. Instead, we want you to enjoy yourself and have great experiences with women.

Concept 4: No immediate compliments!

What ever you do, do NOT compliment her on her looks. Paying attention to detail is good, but as soon as you mention her physical appearance, things start to turn ugly. If anything, you can mention her clothing, accessories or anything out of the ordinary, but do NOT mention her appearance. Even if she has the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen, refrain from mentioning it. You can tell her later… much later. This is the fastest way to turn a girl that’s interested in you into an ex.

Concept 5: Eliminate all obstacles in your set.

One of the challenges when picking up girls is learning to eliminate to overcome obstacles that get in your way. During the day you might run into pretty girls being in a hurry so you have to learn to get them to follow your lead. At night in the club or bar, you might be in a set but the music is so loud that you can’t hear what they say. Perhaps you’re finding women that would like to have sex but you don’t have a convenient place. Whatever the case may be, pick up is about learning to overcome obstacles quickly and efficiently. (These life skills that men learn during the dating years often translate well into other areas of life).

Concept 6: Building attraction immediately

In order to build attraction, you must be able to convey signs (often through body language) of a good and desirable mate. These will naturally be present in men whom workout often and are already successful with women. However, what if you don’t have time to work out often and you aren’t already successful with women ? Well these are traits that you can LEARN from other men. After a while, they will become part of you and you won’t even have to think of them.

You could hang out in some forums dedicated to girls or on Facebook but watch out, a lot of them is just the blind leading the blind. I can’t tell you how many ‘forum junkies’ there are that never really go out. You do not want to follow them because they are wrong more than they are right! Honestly, the best way to learn them is to become friends with men that are successful. You’ll gain confidence as you see what’s possible in the real world. Otherwise, if you don’t have that opportunity and you still want to learn how to pick up girls, I strongly recommend going through the Obsession Method program as it will give you all the secrets to attraction that are normally reserved for the rich and privileged.

It’s one of the best books on the subject of picking up women because it paints a clear picture of what it is to be a man. I know this sounds a little counter-intuitive, but the whole pickup experience begins on the inside. Your personality and self-image is 90% of the conversation you’ll be having with women and the book helps you to completely re-invent yourself when it comes to your approach. I recommend it!

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